Mountain View Computer History Museum: – History of computing which is reserved in computer history museum.

The computer history museum explains the history of computing. It was established in 1996 at Mountain view, California, USA. The computer history museum’s specialty is that it has many virtual online exhibits that can be retrieved by all over the world. This museum presents the computer revolution, stories and artifacts of the information age and its effect on society. It explains the history of computing before the 20th century. It is largest and most significant collection of computing artifacts. In the collection of museum there are nearly 90,000 objects, 4,000 feet of cataloged documentation, photographs and films and several hundred gigabytes of software. The exhibition whose name was “Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing,” showed in 20 galleries covers from the abacus to the Internet. This exhibition is now available on internet. This museum is dedicated to preserving the history. First its name was TCMHC (The Computer Museum History Center). In year 2000 it was changed into Computer History Museum (CHM). CEO of The Computer History Museum is media executive John Hollar which was appointed in July 2008.There are 19 different alcoves with one alcove explaining one aspect of computing.

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One thought on “Mountain View Computer History Museum: – History of computing which is reserved in computer history museum.

  1. Historical centers can be a drag on the off chance that you don’t identify with the things being shown. In any case, it’s sheltered to state that individuals of assorted types can identify with the historical backdrop of the PC and the innovation behind it. This exhibition hall is found near the Google base camp and might be an astounding stop in case you’re traveled that way or the other way around.
    In spite of the fact that it is known as the Museum of Computer History, there is parcels more to it. When I went they had the Google self-driving auto in plain view and that was entirely flawless. I envision architects of different types would appreciate this place a considerable measure, yet I suggest it for pretty much anybody.

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